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Deep to Deep, Spring 2010 — Publicised


Time has been ticking by since I announced the next Deep to Deep (20 March 2010) on this blog and I have finally got round to posting a note to my mailing list to let them know.

The web of information is changing though and event planning now asks for more than just an email and a supporting page of information. I am suggesting that any mentions of the event get tagged deep2deep, which will help link them together. For this meeting, a few of us are also using Google Wave to discuss ideas of what things we might include.

Mind you, I note that while I claim the top search results on Google for “deep to deep”, any mention of the event is buried if you look for “deep2deep”. I wonder if I should instead suggest a more specific tag, like deep2deepbass or bassdeep2deep. That is more unwieldy but yeilds a less competitive namespace. Alternatively, perhaps the encouragement should be to tag items deep2deep and bass?

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