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Wave for RPGs?


A few days ago, I posted about Google Wave. I have continued to experiment with it and one possibility I have spotted is getting together with some friends I used to enjoy role-playing games with. We have not been able to have a game session for years as we have moved around to far-flung places. Wave might enable us to combine “offline” work, like creating characters and discussing the setting, with real-time adventuring.

It doesn’t have all the elements that would be ideal but also doesn’t require anything more than a computer with a reasonable internet connection and a modern web browser. I have also found a very flexible dice rolling add-on. This is in the form of a “bot” called Random Lee. Invoking his services is as simple as including the “bot” in the conversation (as you would include anyone else) and then typing phrases such as 2d6. When the current blip is finished, Random Lee edits it to append the roll instruction with the result. It even allows more complex instructions – for example, v3d6 would roll three six-sided dice and show the individual results as well as the total (required for some game systems).

We still need to find the time but we might have found the tools.

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