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Following Monday’s post about my new bike, I ended up not using it to go to work on Tuesday. The weather was wet and I didn’t want to cope with the added complications that brings (not least drivers with limited visibility). However, I did put on the lights and go for a short ride in the evening and, assured that I had the saddle set to the right height, I did use it this morning.

Overall, I was very pleased. Despite not having cycled up the hill for a while, it seemed less strain than I remembered. I think the back wheel wasn’t properly aligned on the old one and the new bike has a much lighter frame. The only area it didn’t fare so well on was the cross-country stretch, which was muddy and rutted. The new bike has fairly slick tyres, pumped up tight, which don’t give as much grip and want to run along ruts rather than climb out of them.

All in all though, very satisfactory.

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