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Today I am out of the office and down in the town for a training course on the University’s Weblearn system. I haven’t got a particular need to use it myself but I’ve had some enquiries from colleagues that suggest to me it would be useful to know enough about to advise others. Since my bike is out of action, rather than cycling up the hill back to work afterwards, I’m going to take advantage of my location and polish off the day with some reading and reflecting in the Radcliffe Science Library. It is wonderful to have such brilliant resources to hand and I welcome the opportunity to use them.

I am also planning to drop off the final bit of paper to get my bike voucher. I am purchasing it through the University, which results in a fairly significant saving but does introduce a paperwork delay. Walking to work has been fun but I will be glad to be back in the saddle, which should only be a few days away now.

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