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Bread and Baker - 2

I get to play the baker again tomorrow. We are having a harvest celebration at House244 tomorrow as a seasonal twist on our monthly open morning. We will share lunch, including some home-produced food, with our guests but there is work to be done before that.

I am planning two main contributions. The forecast suggests it may be wet so I am going to lead an informal garden design workshop, which can easily move indoors. We need to plan what we will do with our gardens next year but hope that people will also bring their own outside areas to the table, creating an environment for ideas to ferment and grow.

However, on the basis that the bread I cook in the house seems to “evaporate” quickly, I am also going to give a bread-making class throughout the morning. The work will need to be divided up as an important part of the process is letting the yeast get on with its work unhindered. If I can get the timing right, we should have fresh bread for the table as well as a few more people who know an easy way to make their own bread.

By the way, if you are somewhere round Oxford tomorrow morning and free, you would be welcome to come along — let me know (comments, email or via one of my social networking sites) if you are interested.

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