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Greenbelt 2009 — Music


A big part of Greenbelt is the music. To be honest, I didn’t get to that many concerts compared to the huge number that were on offer but it was still much more than I would catch on an average weekend.

Highlights? I saw Miriam Jones performing with a band; a much better environment to enjoy her music than when we went to see her perform at an Oxford pub last Thursday. I also made a point of not missing Gary Crosby’s Nu Troop performing the entire Kind of Blue album by Miles Davis. That was originally released 50 years ago but stands as one of the most significant jazz albums of all time.

I also got to perform, providing some double bass for a bluegrass liturgy run by the House For All Sinners & Saints. It was satisfying to help the music work and make some new friends but also a privilege to be part of what was a beautiful service – definitely worth checking out if you like bluegrass and are visiting Denver, Colorado where Nadia, Matthew and their church are based.

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