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The internet is a big place. I have been exploring it for years and consider myself an advanced user but part of that is being experienced enough to accept that there is far more going on than one person can keep up with. One such idea is Evernote, an online notebook.

I was vaguely aware of it but a comment from @jimcbarker on Twitter (which I have been using for sometime now – find me as @basswulf) at the end of last week led me to investigating further and bookmarking a link to the site. After the weekend I signed up and I am now in the process of figuring out whether it will be useful to me.

It is still too early to say. The test will be how easy it is to find old notes when I have hundreds of them rather than less than ten. However, I think it has potential and might just be the driver for me getting a device that gives me more ubiquitous web access (the apparent beauty of the system is that you can find whatever you have stored wherever you are online).

I will certainly be watching for tips and ideas of how to use the system. Are any of you using it? What do you use it for?

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