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Fire Burn by Peter Turnbull


Fire Burn by Peter Turnbull

13 December 2008 by Wulf Forrester-Barker
Book Review

Rating: 2 / 5

Book cover

This is a recent addition to Turnbull’s Hennessey and Yellich series. Regretfully, it lives down to my expectations from earlier novels featuring the same pair of police detectives.

I could list numerous percieved shortcomings. I felt the main characters did little in the way of inspired detecting and, without giving too much away, only achieved a partial victory at the end. Since the two aspects that most attract me to the genre are twists and turns that, with hindsight, appear perfectly fitting, and the overall theme of good triumphing and justice being done, it is little wonder that the book failed to impress me. This is similar to what I recall of previous works featuring Hennessey and Yellich.

Why read a book that I expect to find disappointing? The wants I find in the emplotment are partially made up for by the references to places that I became familiar with during my time at the University of York and nostalgia is a comforting scent. I expect that I will probably read further works from the series in future for the same reason. That is a poor recommendation though and so only two stars for this work.


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