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The Singing Lesson II


What was yesterday’s video all about? It clearly demonstrates that I am not brilliant at singing and even my sense of rhythm can be egregious at times – I got the polyrhythm I attempted to teach all wrong and only got away with it by dint of pressing on before anyone noticed!

The setting was what will probably be my last weekend away with Hither Green Baptist Church. As I noted last week, I am getting ready to move to Oxford and anticipate that by next autumn I should be long gone from Hither Green. The church weekends traditionally feature a concert on the Saturday evening and this singing lesson was the piece I presented.

One of the things I have gained at the church is the confidence to sing in front of people. I was happy to speak and to play bass in front of audiences well before joining the church in about 1997 but not to sing. By dint of sticking a mic in front of me when I played in the worship group then, instead of taking it away again, encouraging me to lead from time to time, I picked up the confidence to sing as well.

As you can see from the video, I am still not a wonderful vocalist. It still felt exposed leading something like that without instrumental support. However, with the help of the “choir” I got through it and we all enjoyed ourselves. I think that was an appropriate offering to make to the night’s proceedings.

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