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A Visual Barrier II


So, the vaunted Mac can’t manage to resize a desktop image to fit? Frustrating but I can work around that. I decided to create a directory containing a selection of suitable images, as I have grown rather attached to the idea of automatically rotating wallpaper.

I have a fair number of images that are in 4:3 ratio required by my desktop but also many that are in the 3:2 ratio produced by my D40. I saved a selection of both, manually resized to fit the width of the screen (at least the Macs iPhoto software makes that process easy).

However, I have noticed a problem with the 3:2 images. They leave a border at the top and bottom of the screen which I find myself treating as if it was a physical limitation. I frequently drag windows down to the bottom of the image rather than all the way down to the bottom of the screen.

I suppose it could be classed as “poor man’s widescreen” and at least it isn’t as messy as taping off the top and the bottom! However, my next task is to gradually weed my collection of source images to only include ones that fit the required aspect ratio.

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