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Shown is my latest baking effort, another hand-made, “artisan” loaf. I had an unexpected evening in yesterday since a communication problem meant that my car ended up staying at the mechanics overnight after its MOT and I couldn’t get to my rehearsal with the ‘Teeth. I did some practise at home and also made time to bake.

I haven’t recently been able to top up on the Dove’s Farm yeast I normally use so presently have a tin of Allinson’s yeast that needs to be started in some warm water. This works well although it does add another stage and a bit more time to the process.

One thing I have noted is that the different yeast makes a noticeable difference to the taste of the final result. Both work well but they are different. I wish it were easier to get hold of different types of yeast to experiment in the same way that I have been experimenting with wine to find out what varieties to choose for different purposes. A while ago I tried what all the cookery books recommend, which is going and asking a baker but none of the ones I tried could help me out.

I think that home-baking is fairly popular – I am waiting for the day when the choice of available yeasts is a bit more flexible and I can learn how to pick the right one for the loaf I am baking.

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