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Emergency services vehicle with fire in background

Fellow Lewisham blogger Rob got some dramatic shots of the electricity sub-station fire that knocked out power across swathes of South East London yesterday – click on the picture to see his full set.

The power cut came in the morning as I was working on producing set lists for the songs at church. If it had been a short power cut, it would have been inconvenient; because it lasted all day (about 12 hours), covering the service, we couldn’t use the plan anyway. Since it was a bright, sunny day, we decamped to Mountsfield Park and had an outdoor service at the band stand. My voice got a bit hoarse from singing but managed to make it through! We definitely need to learn more short, simple songs that don’t depend on projecting the lyrics for everyone to keep up.

Jane and I went for a walk in the afternoon (photos to follow) and dined on the ratatouille that I had cooked the day before and intended to send straight to the freezer. It was resting in the fridge so we were able to pull it out and warm it up (and feel glad that our oven is duel fuel rather than being electric only).

I rounded off the day with an excellent gig with The Pico Brown Five and now… now it is time to stop writing and get to work!

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