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Wulf Playing Hohner B2A - 1

I bought this Hohner B2A second hand a few years ago. No headstock and no body but with a full 34″ scale, it is a very handy little instrument. However, although it did get some use, it has spent most of the time in recent years sitting in its case. I noticed that someone on the the Basschat forum was looking for one of these so he could practise while travelling and so decided to see if he was interested.

I took a few shots earlier this week – some close-ups and also a couple of self portraits. I did the deal yesterday; another bassist has an instrument he will get good use out of and I’m left with almost as much money as I paid for it (making the ownership like very cheap rental). I have some plans for what I might put the funds towards but, meanwhile, this shot (with the wacky four-eyes effect) provides me with another addition to my ongoing fiftytwo self-portrait project.

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