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Yesterday’s gigs went well. Today I have managed to listen through to the jazz outing at Merton Abbey Mills with The Pico Brown Five, which had some good moments. The recording might have come out better if I had put the windshield on my Zoom H2 but it was still quite listenable. I am still deciding whether or not to put any of the tracks on the band’s Reverbnation page – I might put some as a short term fan incentive (sign up – you know you want to!).

I am looking forward to sampling the recording from the ‘Teeth’s outing at Croydon Folk and Blues Club this evening. I hope that one came out as it sounded like our best performance ever, bar none. I am confident that I switched it on properly (sometimes I have got to the end of a set and realised that the recorder was in standby mode all the time!) but I didn’t get to see what the recording level was like since the H2 was not very conveniently positioned.

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