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Like the Miles Davis album of the same name, I will be Cookin’ tonight in the jazzy sense of the word, as I hit the stage with The Pico Brown Five for the gig mentioned yesterday.

Last night, I was cooking in a more culinary fashion, making a mild curry with vegetables that needed using up and some other leftover scraps from the fridge. This technique for avoiding food-waste was discussed earlier this week on one of the blogs I follow, The Rubbish Diet, which also referred to the Love Food, Hate Waste site.

According to the latter, a third of the food bought in the UK ends up being thrown away. Not in my house! The more thrifty approach to eating is something I grew up with and is probably partly responsible for my jazzy, improvised approach to cooking. However, if a third of the food purchased is thrown away and my house accounts for hardly any of that, it means others must be chucking more than average: if that is you, check the sites above, slim down your shelves to what you need, and learn to turn scraps into delicious and healthy meals.

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