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The Pico Brown Five return to the Ram Jam Club in Kingston this Thursday. Of course, maybe I don’t need to tell you because you can pick up the details on either the MySpace site or as an event on Last.fm. Last.fm even provide an RSS feed of the band’s events for those of you that care.

However, I am not sure if all that online advertising will translate to many extra people attending the gig. The main source of people coming along seems to be friends, family and work colleagues and, as most of the gigs don’t take place in my patch, I don’t contribute much there either.

I wonder if there is a thriving jazz scene in South London with lots of discussion about forthcoming events? I haven’t discovered one yet. If I did, that would be an area in which I could probably pull my weight in encouraging people along rather than just holding down the bottom line. It would also be a way I could discover more about events that are within reasonably easy reach that I might sometimes be free to visit as a punter rather than performer myself. Any suggestions gratefully welcomed.

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