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My Favourite Picture, January 2008


Purple Folder - 3

I have decided to skip picking a favourite picture for the whole of 2007. Because I got my Nikon D40 at Christmas 2006, I took thousands of pictures during the following year. Many were instantly forgettable – I must have deleted more pictures in 2007 than I took in total in the preceding few years – but there were also plenty that I was pleased with across a range of subject matter.

Anyway, it is time that I got round to selecting a favourite for January 2008 before the end of February rolls around. There were several images that I was particularly happy with, most of which I have blogged about before. The shot I finally selected, the purple macro shown above, was no exception and you can read about it in the entry for 9 January.

One thing I noted is that all of the images on my shortlist had undergone tweaking in the . For much of 2007, as I was learning what a DSLR can do, I was content to publish nearly all of the shots I kept as unmodified but I am now returning to spending more time in the digital darkroom. In most cases, it is not about making bad photos passable or creating unrealistic effects but simply doing good photos justice by lavishing more care on them as they pass through development from the camera to being put on display (just without all those horrible chemicals enroute!).

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