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Shoes from Orpington


I took a little detour from my normal routes yesterday to go shopping in Orpington with a couple of specific targets in mind. One was to get more yeast for baking from the Julian Graves store in the Walnuts Centre – they do a Doves Farm Yeast that I find works very well. Or, rather, they used to do the yeast I wanted; apparently it came off the shelves to make way for Christmas offers and hasn’t yet been restocked. Grrr!

The other part of the mission was to look for some new shoes and I was successful in that, stopping in Stead and Simpson near the end of the High Street. I think I recall being taken in there as a child and it proved to be a good little shoe shop, well stocked and equipped for the purpose of browsing, trying and buying footwear. Unfortunately it also seems to be the near the end of Stead and Simpson because they were having a closing down sale.

Time to put my new shoes on and get up to church (and I did get the yeast in the end – by happy coincidence I discovered that Waitrose now stock exactly the one I wanted, so I am well stocked up).

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