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fiftytwo – Week Twenty One


Distorted Hand

Having an ongoing project like the fiftytwo one I am pursing (one self portrait a week for a whole year) can feel like an unwanted pressure at times; yet another thing that has to be done. On the other hand, pressure is often what is required to squeeze out some creativity.

This morning, I decided I wanted to take another shot in the series but I was short of inspiration so I browsed through what my friends have contributed to the group pool. It was a shot with some reflection that reminded me that I had thought of taking a picture using my shiny new (and hopefully unbreakable) cafetiere.

The challenge was working out how to set up the camera so that it was not included in the picture but captured an interesting reflection. I did not manage to catch quite what I was after (see the shots I kept) but I did like this hand shot (which was a little easier because I could look through the viewfinder to take it).

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