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fiftytwo – Week Eighteen


Fiftytwo - Week 18

This was a self portrait I took yesterday using the ML-L3 remote control I got for Christmas. It is a tiny little gadget but makes a world of difference. I can now take several shots making small adjustments to my position between each one rather than jumping up to reset the timer and then rushing to find my place before the shutter opens again.

I also spent some time working on the image in The Gimp, cropping it down, making minor adjustments to the colours and adding some sharpening. The end result has attracted a lot of attention, most of it very positive. A few people have commented about the light in the glasses but, on reflection, I think it is actually a positive feature. The eyes, after all, are the window of the soul!

Ps. for anyone who is counting, there was a week seventeen picture but I was taking my Christmas blog-fast at the time.

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