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Crossfire wallpaper

Do you like it? It is based on a photograph I took of the flames in a wood-stove over the Christmas break, keeping the shutter speed slow enough to catch the dance of the flames.

I noticed that the image seemed to have a cross form hinted in the play of light and so did some work last weekend to emphasise that in order to create a background for the songs I used as I led worship at church.

The particular reason for highlighting it this morning is that it has been one of my most popular pictures on Flickr. They recently released an enhancement to the site that allows those with pro accounts to track not just the number of hits on each photo but to see graphs and charts that allow much more detailed examination of what is popular and where people are finding the picture. For example, I expect to see a few extra visits directed from my blog over the next few days as you give in to the temptation to click on the picture and view it at a larger size.

It is another interesting addition to the service and part of why I still feel that paying a little over $2 a month is a worthwhile investment for getting full use of the site.

Want to add something? Please join the conversation about this posting (nb. Yahoo! account required to log into Flickr).

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