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Space, Man!


If you are reading this directly on my website rather than via some kind of news reader, you will notice that the letters now have greater vertical spacing and hence more room to breathe.

I have read about the joys of controlling vertical space in several places recently but finally did something about it yesterday after reading a posting following up the Future of Web Design event I attended on Blog Fueled Frenzy (via Technorati – the tags at the end of each of my postings are to link me into wider discussion on the subjects I touch on). I often read blogs via a reader (Bloglines) myself but find it refreshing to enjoy them “raw” once in a while! A quick tweak to the CSS file, adding a line-height setting, and Down in the Den is in on the act.

I think the increased spacing is an improvement, although comments are welcomed (expect more on the comments theme in the next few days). By the way, the title of this posting was sparked by a corny joke that came to mind:

Q: What do you do if you see a spaceman?

A: Park in it, man!

Comments on the joke are not mandatory.

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