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I can feel a healthy ache in my body this morning; yesterday was a day of hard work. In the morning I was doing maintenance at the church, where my main contribution was finally applying some paint in the project I have been working on for months to update the external noticeboard. In the afternoon, enjoying the pleasant weather, it was out to work in our garden.

That feels like a race against time. Inside, our seedlings are developing: outside, we need to get the beds prepared to plant them out. Further complicating matters, we need to work out how to juggle the available space to harden off new seedlings and plant on the ones that are further along.

Still, it was not that long ago that we made our start and, unless the weather turns drastically again, it should not be long before some of the current seedlings are at the stage where they are producing crops to feed us.

Exciting times in the garden and worth a few small aches and pains.

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