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King’s X are a band who have been together a long while now. My first exposure was in the late 80’s; I was serious about music and just getting back to being serious about my Christian faith. King’s X, a band including Christians who were making their living by playing music and expressing some lived-out faith rather than by playing on the cliches of the Christian music scene, were an inspiration to me.

They play music with heavy rock instrumentation, rich vocal harmonies and lyrics that were always reaching for truth rather than being content to tow a party line. Over the intervening years the members of the trio have grown, developed and changed but they still remain among my favourites.

My only disappointment with them was the time I went to see them live. It looked like a great show but, even with my earplugs, it was too loud to listen to the music. I might pass on going to any more of their gigs but will fund continuing to buy their albums, which I can listen to and savour at a slightly quieter level.

So, King’s X, the number two band I have listened to over the last year and half.

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