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The final item in my social networking presentation, which I have been blogging about over the past week, was discussion. If you have any thoughts to chip in, please add a comment to any of those postings.

This morning, I thought I would post about the dinner I cooked last night. I had intended to revisit Jamie Oliver’s Costolette di Maiale con Salvia (pork chops with sage) that I first cooked in June last year but, venturing out to the herb garden, discovered that our sage (salvia) had died down. However, there were some healthy looking sprigs on the rosemary so I took a few of those instead. The flavoured butter ended up with rosemary and cranberries rather than sage and apricots. That was a different but equally effective combination.

We are also trying to reduce our potato consumption as they have a high level of starchy carbohydrates, quickly converted to fat, which does not fit with the GI principles we are trying to follow. I seized the opportunity to reduce washing up by browning the chops on the hob in the roasting tray (rather than using a frying pan while roasting potatoes in the oven). Just before they went in the oven for finishing I threw in some mushrooms and a sliced red pepper.

While that was cooking, I boiled and drained some greens, added a little more hot water and bouillon (stock) powder and boiled them a little longer. That gave me greens in gravy, a low fat, low carbohydrate and very tasty addition to the chops which were now ready.

Carbohydrate will come (in a small portion) with the cake we have lined up for supper; hopefully this morning’s weigh in will show a couple less pounds that the plateau I have been at over the last two weeks but, even if not, I am happy to live with that for the sake of a delicious meal!

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