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Singing High


When it comes to singing, I have always opted for the lower end of the range. If I am involved in something with written parts, I choose the bass line rather than risking the reaches of the tenor. When picking songs at church, I am far more likely to choose ones that dip below most people’s vocal range rather than stretching them towards the top.

Therefore, it was uncharacteristic but surprisingly comfortable to be adding a high harmony part on one of the tracks for last night’s Elusive Teeth recording session. Perhaps I have more range than I thought!

It may be a little while yet, but watch this space for details of when the tracks are released. We also have another Upstairs open mic night over at the Burn Bullock in Mitcham next Monday (details on the band’s gigs page) so that would be an opportunity if you want to hear the high and squeaky version of me live!

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