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Thank You for the Ticket


Earlier this week, Hugo Schwyzer was blogging an unusual perspective on getting a ticket for a traffic misdemeanour – Thanks, Officer Watkins: reflections on getting a ticket.

However, I think his response to the situation is spot on. Roads (here, in the States and across the world) would be much safer if all drivers diligently observed the local rules of the road. The majority of accidents occur because at least one of the parties involved was not exercising due care and attention. Some of the rules might seem to be needless fetters but they should serve to slow us down and think about other people rather than just focusing on getting ourselves from A to B as fast as possible.

The rules might sometimes need changing but the way to do that is not just to ignore them. I applaud Hugo for his response. I am sure it was a ray of sunshine into what must be the generally difficult job of a traffic cop.

It also reminded me of how much I live in a state of grace. I do take care in my driving but am glad that not every misdemeanor is automatically converted into a fine! I am also grateful not to have been involved in any accidents and will continue to try to drive within the rules, hoping that this will help that record continue for a long time to come, to my benefit and that of others.

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