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The Blogger’s Prayer


Andrew Jones, AKA Tall Skinny Kiwi, is one of those A-List, hub-bloggers, who is widely read and influences many others, especially around the themes of “emerging church”. He has just announced a month long “blog fast” in order to refresh his vision and make sure his priorities are straight.

I’m not planning to do that for myself, although I’m sure that there will be some points when I decide to step away from my daily blogging discipline. However, I did appreciate the “Blogger’s Prayer” he posted:

The Blogger’s Prayer 1.2 by Andrew Jones

Our Father
who lives above and beyond the blogosphere

Give us this day a life worth blogging,
The access to words and images that express our journey with passion and integrity,
And a secure connection to publish your daily mercies.

Your Kingdom come into new spaces today,
As we make known your mysteries,
Posting by posting,
Blog by blog.

Give this day,
The same ability to those less privileged,
Whose lives speak louder than ours,
Whose sacrifice is greater,
Whose stories will last longer.

Forgive us our sins,
For blog-rolling strangers and pretending they are friends,
For counting unique visitors but not noticing unique people,
For delighting in the thousands of hits but ignoring the one who returns,
For luring viewers but sending them away empty handed,
For updating daily but repenting weekly.

As we forgive those who trespass on our sites to appropriate our thoughts without reference,
Our images without approval,
Our ideas without linking back to us.

Lead us not into the temptation to sell out our readership,
To see people as links and not as lives,
To make our blogs look better than our actual story.

But deliver us from the evil of pimping ourselves instead of pointing to you,
From turning our guests into consumers of someone else

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