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A few times this year, I’ve mentioned the OneYearBibleBlog, which I’ve been using to help me continue in the habit of daily and comprehensive Bible reading. It is an excellent resource and I highly commend it.

However, now I’ve got a Palm Pilot, I’m experimenting with new ideas. I’ve found some excellent free Bible software (Bible+) and yesterday supplemented that with ReadingPlanner.

This allows me to create customised plans that are available on my Palm and linked in with the Bible software. Furthermore, I can adapt the plans to suit my schedule (including falling behind a few days or getting ahead of myself if I’ve got a busy patch coming up) and to provide a suitable volume of reading each day (I find I often skim the OYBB readings because there is a lot to get through).

I’ve currently set myself up with a weekend reading scheme to cover all four gospels and the “wisdom books” (Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon) by the end of the year, alongside weekday readings to finish from where I’ve got to in the Old and New Testaments. That’s supplemented with a daily dose from the Psalms, repeating over six months – almost as much as I have been keeping up with but perhaps a little bit more flexible because the planner allows me to keep an accurate record of what I’ve read rather than just loading me with new challenges each day.

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