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Jane and I were talking in the dining room last night when I looked down and spotted a mouse walking calmly across the floor. He was probably all of an inch and a half long (not counting his tail) and seemed remarkably unperturbed by the man-mountains looming over him. Catching him under a plastic container was easy; he wasn’t one of those nervous twitch, jump and run very fast creatures that I would have expected.

Having captured him, the question was then what to do with him. While I was pondering either a short, sharp end or getting the old hamster home down and keeping him as a pet, Jane went and fetched a bit of card to slide under the container and insisted that I went and released him outside.

Again, that proved to be very easy. I walked a little way down the road, removed the lid, gently tilted the card until he slid off, and then watched him amble off. While mice can be a destructive nuisance, it is hard not to want to wish that one well as he placidly wends his way (probably straight back here)!

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