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Last month I posted about how I was starting to use Rojo as my online newsreader of choice. I’m still with it – Bloglines still stands in to provide my blogroll listing but I’ve given up on Google Reader for the moment (a quick check this morning confirms that they still don’t seem to have the tools that the other two services provide for keeping on top of a large number of feeds).

One thing that has recently happened on Rojo is a number of changes to the interface. I think they’re generally improvements (less wasted space, smarter icons, etc) but it feels a little bit disconcerting to have a site I use several times a day shifting under my feet! That’s something I need to remember when updating the systems I’m responsible for building and maintaining!

At least I have the option of saving my information as an OPML file, which could be read in to another service even if Rojo mutates into something I don’t want to use. That’s the benefit of open standards! Anyway, it’s still Rojo for me at the moment.

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