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In the UK, today is the day for one significant act above all others – vote. After months of speculation and a month of hard campaigning, today’s the day when you can finally pick up the pencil and mark an X in one of the boxes (unless, of course, you’ve already done so by post).

What will that X stand for? Maybe a conscious choice of one particular party for national government? Maybe support for a local candidate you trust, whatever party they belong to? Maybe an attempt to block a party you distrust or even just a comment that you’re fed up with mainstream politics (Green would be a good choice if you’re undecided – frankly, they’re unlikely to win anywhere but, the stronger their showing, the more the other parties will keep environmental issues on the agenda)?

Whatever choice you make though, please choose to put aside a few minutes to go and cast a vote. Otherwise you’re reinforcing the image of a nation that doesn’t care, allowing politics to be divorced from reality, and letting us drown in apathy!

Today’s the day… please go and vote!

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